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    I have a user who sync's his Outlook data to his TreoPhone 600. Over the weekend, the phone reset itself and lost all contacts, emails, calendar items, etc. The user came into the office and attempted to sync with Outlook. He was able to get his contacts and emails back on his phone, but he is now missing his entire Calendar (over 3 years worth of data), both on his phone and in his Outlook application.

    He did not have his Calendar backed up through Outlook. Does anyone have any advice where there might be a backup of his calendar through the Palm software? He's using PocketMirror

    Thanks in advance,
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    I'm replying through the mobile forum so I do not have access to my PC to give you file directories. That being said, if your user did not repeatly attempt to re-hotsync after the failure there could be a backup of his calendar information in the hotsync directory under his palm username or in the conflict directory under pilotmirror directory on the PC side.

    I'll check back to this over the weekend to see if you were able to recover. If not I will be able to provide more detail directory and file information comparing against my installation.

    I hope you are able to recover, I'm been in this exact situation myself. Luckly I had a SD Memory backup using Backup Buddy VFS.


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