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    Hi, Folks!

    Looking to get a concensus of opinion for anyone who has a Treo600 and currently uses a windshield-mount (suction) gooseneck mount for their car.

    I want to have the Treo 600 securely mounted to the right of my steering wheel, in easy view when I'm driving (for obvious reasons of safety / convenience). I think a 12" to 14" gooseneck would work. I checked out the offering at, but they do not have an adapter for the Treo 600 yet (though the customer service person said they're working on one).

    The local Radio Shack and Circuit City don't seem to carry it.

    I would need something that (in addition to holding the device securely) will also accomodate the stereo headset and power attachments at the bottom of the device (since the Treo works quite well with my cassette adapter, yielding a killer MP3 player).

    I drive an '02 Honda Civic, and have considered the ProClip solution, but the device is not in easy view/reach when driving using their solution.

    Any input pro/con would be greatly appreciated!

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    C'mon folks...

    No responses at all? Someone out there must use something like what I'm describing... Let me hear about it please. Still in limbo and using the small cassette holder as a makeshift PDA holder-- but getting concerned that this will eventually hurt the headset jack.

    Please give me a hand. I need some recommendations...
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