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    After searching and reading many threads on this board, I was able to accomplish this task very successfully by using MMplayer and converting my DVD movies using the following instructions:

    Making an MMPlayer AVI

    Note: I did not have to use the Audio Fix, but I did have to use normal MP3 compression for the audio and not the Lame Codec as instructed.

    I am also including a PDF I made of the following page in case it is unavailable.

    Finally ... for improved performance, I did raise the buffer settings on MMplayer, and please note that it does work better once registered. One suggestion: stop/pause the movie before trying to make any adjustments to the settings.
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    I have gotten this to work with the DivxRay program which you can get at I think it costs about $30, but it really makes Divx production from DvDs easy. Basically, you just extract with Osex or Mactheripper, drop your vob file into DivxRay, save the file for between 150 to 450 final file size (depending on what size/resolution you want, set the screen size to 160 pixel width, and then just let the program run.

    If you are a do-it yourselfer, you can purchase ffmpeg through versiontracker for a lot less. Basically, DivxRay uses ffmpeg also but provides you with an easy front end gui. You need to go thru a lot more of a learning curve using ffmpeg alone, but if you like playing with this type of thing, adjusting the nuances, then ffmpeg may be the one for you.

    You also need a decently high speed card to effectively view the movies, the Sandisk 500 Ultra II works pretty good.
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    Try Pocket-DVD Studio

    Pocket-DVD Studio
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    does this work on a treo
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    While I haven't used the pocket-dvd program to create the movies... I have been able to watch full movies on my treo w/o too much issues (most importantly I was able to enjoy them!)

    Note: MMplayer has just released an update which addresses several issues with the Treo600. I just installed it today, but it does seem to work better so far.
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    I guess you need a pretty fast SD card to view videos. What cards are some of you who can view videos using?

    I've read that the Sandisk Ultra2 series are the fastest in the treo.
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    I just have the regular Sandsik 512 SD Card (not the Ultra One). Seems to work just fine for me.
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    I play encoded full length DVD movies in MMPlayer on a standard SanDisk 512K, no problem.

    PocketDVD is simply easy and virtually painless.
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    Ok, this is a cool idea, I had been looking at the Lyra (RCA) and Archos devices which are $350-500 and if the Treo does this well I will gladly invest in SD movie media! Thank You for this thread...
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    It is fun for a diversion , but won't replace a DVD portable, due to 256 colors and small screen.
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    If you can give me an example too, what is the typical size for a movie? You all seemed to have a 512 MB card. Would a movie fit on a 256 MB card?
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    Treo has more than 256 colors. 4 thousand, if I remember correctly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    Treo has more than 256 colors. 4 thousand, if I remember correctly.
    Has support for thousands true. 4,096, I believe if used.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Axolotl
    If you can give me an example too, what is the typical size for a movie? You all seemed to have a 512 MB card. Would a movie fit on a 256 MB card?

    you can choose the size of the file. you can shrink a whole movie into a 256 card. of course, the smaller you go, the less details will show up.
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    are you getting clear picture or are you happy with a blotchy screen? I ask, because it was real blotchy when I tried it.
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    Why choose PocketDVD over Kinoma Producer? Just wondering the benefits.
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    What resolution in PocketDVD do you choose for the Treo??
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    I haven't really produced a full movie using the Pocket-DVD studio since I haven't registered it yet... so it is hard for me to compare the quality. With this being said, using the method I posted at the top of the Thread. I was able to shrink Old School to 100MB and the Big Lebowski to 120Mb and both were very much acceptable in viewing and quality (considering it was on a small screen) I was able to enjoy watching both on the airplane and find that the resolution does not look bad at all ... just small. If you were to view the movie on an 18" LCD monitor .. it might look blotchy but on the treo, honestly can't tell. Color looks fine .. Audio sound just fine. The only time it is hard to see things is during a "Dark" scene.

    Since Old School is very funny movie of course, I passed the phone around to let friends watch their favorite scenes and every seemed to have a blast and thought it was very cool. No complaints.

    Just took a second to relook at the movies and I would say it is not blotchy at all. The method given at the start of the thread reduces audio quality of course to reduce size .. but also reduces the number of frames which reduces size, but allows for better quality resolution.
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    One comment to take into consideration ....

    Using the method above, it is hard to perhaps take simply a few chapters of the DVD. For instance, if you are trying to take a few episodes of a TV Show and not the whole DVD. A program like Pocket-DVD studio might make this a lot simpler.

    Perhaps it would be safe to say that each method has its plus and minuses.
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    I actually tried the method at the top of this thread and while the video comes out ok the sound is terrible...sort of like being underwater and it loses time vs. the video. Any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong? I did see a warning somewhere along the way that different codecs may conflict with each other. I tried it first WITHOUT the Lame codec and then installed the Lame codec. Same result. Thoughts?

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