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    I just bought my treo 600. I used to have a nokia which I fixed to beep once when I had an incoming call (very useful for work). I'd like to do it on my new tro but all the ringtones are sophisticated and continuos.Does anybody know if I can get a simple ringtone? I don't have web connection on the phone but do on my laptop.
    Thanks a lottt
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    go to to browse the ringers, you must be a member. sign in and then go to downloads > ringtones > Misc > here you will find normal ringers where you can preview the midis (then simply save the midi to your computer). hope this helps.
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    Thanks, it helps but not to completion. After the midi file is on my computer how do I set it on my treo? I believe just hotsync is not enough, any other software i need to install? any other precedures?
    Thanks again
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    Don't you surf to the website on your Treo and then the ringtone will be saved on your Treo cash memory. You just save it to the right area on the Treo and you will have full time.

    Second option is to send it to yourself in an email and retrieve your emails on the Treo. Save the attachment on the Treo.

    I'm not completely sure as I don't have a Treo at present. Can anyone clarify.
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    howdy, i wrote up some simple instructions here with screen caps and all...


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