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    Hi, I just installed DualDate, and it looks to be a great program, I am just wondering why my name shows up as default? Is it because my user name is to long? if so, how do I change my user name?

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    tried to shorten my user name, and it didnt change anything.........any thoughts?

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    I tried DualDate, and found the same naming issue (with no solution on OS5) and other problems. I found DateBk5's Beam Category feature to be much better suited for sharing calendars.
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    If I am not mistaken, DualDate is a strip down version of Wesync. Palm bought Wesync and then almost killed it. Wesync has been bought by a new company and is being updated to OS 5. With Wesync you can share any number of calendars with any number of people. The same is true about your address book. Better yet, you can share your calendar and address book over the web. When you sync, you sync to the computer and to the web. While you are syncing to the web it updates the address book and calendars with those you are sharing with. It is worth a visit to their sight.

    They are not taking new user until they update the program to be OS5 compliant, but the program is great. Have used it for years. It is the reason I changed from a Psion to a Palm.


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