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    Hi, I'm a late (really late) user of the treo 180... I really like it but I realized that the backlight mode is really poor in medium light situations... It seems like the pixels actually invert and the lettering shines thru via the backlight. I honestly think that it would work better if the pixels stayed the same with the aid of the backlight... (This is in comparison with my pronto touch screen remote that operates the way I prefer) does anyone know of a way/app that can modify this? thanks in advance... (please share your backlight fustration if you have any )
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    I really like this software. Maybe it will help you too...
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    Hmmm very interesting... I'm waiting for the email to register an account... will this program work on OS3.5 (treo 180)??? all I see is treo 600 'talk' all over it! has anyone tried this program on treo 180/270???
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    opps just tried it and it said it will only work on treo 600... too bad! any other suggestions?
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    use "backlight." I used it for my old PalmVx and it should work great on the treo 180. This is for monochrome devices only.

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