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    Is anyone else experiencing issues with changing skins/themes with Facer 2.0 ?

    * I can only get the default theme to work. If I try and download any other theme, (regardless of the type), the top portion of the screen is blank (all white) ...I'm on a Treo 600 Sprintpcs Phone.
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    What are Blossum and Bubbles using ?
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    not sure I will have to ask them
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    Maybe Mojo Jojo is messing with your T600 ?
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    or maybe HIM

    I e-mailed Pocketcraft and just waiting for a response....they better not say
    Mojo Jojo did it !
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    I think that is #1 on the tech support flowchart, followed by phase of the moon, and Mr, Nobody.
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    I'm hoping they can help with the theme issue. Not sure how response they are ? I also need to resolve my callshield mp3 ringers not working. I'm a treo mess today
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    Sounds like bad phone mojo!
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    I e-mailed Pocketcraft and just waiting for a response....
    From my experience you may be waiting a while, that said I hope your not waiting too long
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    Actually I was impressed at the short time in response. I emailed them on Sunday July 4th (mid day) and woke up to a response this morning
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    Did you ever get that fixed??? I'm still having the same issue..

    Tina T

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    I never had any issues using themes for Facer, however it repeatedly caused my palm to soft reset upon bootup. Oddly enough, it would crash once, and then be fine until I had to reset again for whatever reason. I have an app that turns wireless mode on as soon as the phone is booted up and Facer would crash as soon as wireless mode was enabled the first time, so it would go something like this: reset, bootup, wireless mode on, facer crashes, wireless mode off, wireless mode on, everything's fine. Switched to Zlauncher, and it's no longer doing it. And yes, I verified it was facer causing problems by checking ##ERR, which stated that facer crashed due to a fatal exception.
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    azrul posted a coment on the Pocket Craft forum explaining their absence and indicating that things are back to normal. In the past they have been quite responsive so I hope that is what we will see again.

    Are you trying to use a Hi-Res theme by any chance? I'm not sure what that would do but I bet it wouldn't be pretty.
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    I emailed Pocketcraft and let them know I was having issues after I registered and paid for the application.

    Here is the response I got....
    The themes you mentioned are for Hi Res devices. For more low res themes, you may visit Be sure to download themes which are for Facer 2. Hope that helps

    My response...
    Thanks so much for the reply. Actually I had tried that as well, sorry I didn't included that in my original email. I have downloaded EVERY 160x160 Low Res theme for Facer 2, making sure it was for 2 and not 1 that I could find on the internet and was my first stop. Any theme I download works and installs, but the top portion of my screen (where thw house icon and options icon are) are just all blank white ??? any suggestions ?? Also your webiste states you can get e-mail and sms plugins for the today screen and I dont see either of those.

    There response...
    The theme error you are receiving is NOT Facer's fault, rather the Theme's error. We haven't churn out any Low Res themes ourselves yet, but will do very near in the future. It's best that you conact the theme author and take it from there. It definitely not Facer's error. There is a versa mail plug-in. The SMS plug-in hasn't been made yet. Will do soon.

    So they suggest I go to a site, but don't support it when I have issues ...interesting. And what the site claims is available, really isn't ??? Very disappointing
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    They aren't responsible for themes created by someone else.

    I agree that they should not have things on their site that are not available. They should be listed as "coming soon" or not mentioned at all.
    Treo 600 on T-Mobile since March 2004
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbaldon
    They aren't responsible for themes created by someone else.

    I agree that they should not have things on their site that are not available. They should be listed as "coming soon" or not mentioned at all.
    Or at least put a disclaimer on it claiming no responsibility for others work

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