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    I have stored a number of radio stations, which I downlaoded from Shoutcast and play through Ptunes. I'd like to listen to BBC in the same manner, but Shoutcast doesn't sem to list any BBC feed. Anyone know of another way to tune in?
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    I heard someone from the Beeb talking about this on the World Service last week. Apparently the BBC does not permit its streaming audio services to be redirected through the likes of Shoutcast but it is trialing some system which will allow download of certain programmes for a limited period. I expect this will be offered through the BBC website but I'm just guessing.

    I'd love to listen to the BBC through Realplayer and GPRS but it ain't going to happen in a hurry either.
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    There are several NPR affiliate stations in the US that carry the BBC World Service overnight. Two that I listen to regularly are KNAU/KPUB in Flagstaff and KERA in Dallas. WNPR in Hartford also streams mp3. You can find a listing of the stations, and links to their feeds, at (org?)
    Doug Blair
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    Thanks for the info and the website. We have a local station here in the Monterey, CA area which carries BBC most of the day and night, but like most, it doesn't stream it's output.

    Warren Wood

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