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    I am looking for an application that allows me to search one handed (using the dpad and alpha-charecters) for a contact. Find the contact, see their address and available contact methods, main number and extension, cell (or handy if you prefer), and/or email address) and the NOTEs so I can remember my contacts spouse's name, the kids, their release date from prison etc.

    Then, still using the dpad select the contact method I want and dial it, or open the email application.

    Now comes the biggie (I think). AND I want it to sync with Outlook INCLUDING the addresses and notes both from PC to the Treo and update my PC from my Treo when I get back from a trip.

    I have tried Agendus (it doesn't do addresses or notes, or at least I don't know how to make it do it.) I have tried Beyond Contacts, again no addresses from Outlook.

    Suggestions? Thanks in advance. Apoligies if there is a thread already discussing this. I searched but didn't find one answering these specific questions.

    I am also looking for my good friend that just won the 290$ million in the Lottery. He or she doesn't know me yet, but believe me, I AM their Friend!

    And yes, this is a cut and paste of the post I made on I go both ways Big Boy.
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    Never mind. I downloaded beyond contacts again. I didn't have it set up right. duh. I ditched Agendus for BC primarly for the contacts. But the more I fool with it, I can see that BC goes Beyond contacts....groan...
    "Do the Chickens have large talons?" Napoleon Dynamite

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