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    I just did a new firmware upgrade. And I noticed that my settings were set that my handheld overwrites my pc. So when I hotsynced after the upgrade which went great. But all my contacts, appointments is GONE it's even gone from my pc. Is there anyway to get the info back??? My call log still show and I have those numbers but that's it.


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    Assuming you are using Windows, you could try restoring everything from your recycle Bin and hope that it does it.

    Or go into Palm Desktop/Address/Revert and hope that the last archive is still there ? Try this first before and then after you do the recycle bin trick.

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    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    There is one program you might look at - Backup Buddy. It creates multiple just might roam the disk and see if there is an older copy of the address book. Chances are though there are none. When these upgrades are done, it is very important to set the preferences to "sync" instead of "handheld overwrites desktop" or "desktop overwrites handheld." Another option that is handy is to always copy these files to another folder prior to the update and after completing the update, moving them back to their respective folders and sync again using the "desktop overwrites handheld" option.

    'Cause I use Backup Buddy on the desktop (it is on the handheld, but I do not use it - on the handheld I use Backup Manager, I had a copy of the address book and other items in the "Backup 0" folder.

    Also, if you have a backup program that goes to the SD card and have not overwritten the backup on the SD card, you will find a copy there. A good thing about Backup Manager is that it creates multiple backups of your handheld data. I keep 6 sheduled backup copies on the SD via Backup Manager.


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