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    Ok, about a year and some change ago, Handspring annouces that they have this new and exciting product coming out...the Treo 600. "All you Treo 300/270 users, throw 'em out the window..., all regular phone users in the need for a palm device, come get some..." Ok, so everyone (including myself) goes out and buys the "best" wireless/data device ever for somewhere between $400 and $600.

    2004... now PalmOne is working on this new "project" (which is reportedly is to include Push-To-Talk service, blue-tooth able, etc.) and the question I want to ask is, what does PalmOne have in store to make it an option for someone who just shelled out $400-$600 for a similar device last year to upgrade this year??? I know Handspring offered the nice little upgrade program for previous Treo users, but I would need a little more help for me to enter my credit card number again for such a large purchase, while my T600 should be doing everything this new model is advertise to do. Has anyone heard if or when PalmOne is going to show any love to us loyal (but poorer) Treo Users? :shortcut: :menu:
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    Quote Originally Posted by desmondhuz
    2004... now PalmOne is working on this new "project" (which is reportedly is to include Push-To-Talk service...

    Hmm... the only person who's claimed that the Sprint Ace may have RL (PTT) functionality is Starwulfe who is usually in the know, so it may be true...

    Regarding upgrade paths, I think this is probably more dependent on your wireless carrier than anything else. I would be suprised if PalmOne did not provide upgrade discounts to existing Treo users, but I think you could probably get similar discounts later on from vairous sites and wireless carriers...
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    Discounts from the wireless carriers always come at a price, usually a new one or two year contract. Handspring's deal last year was $200 bucks off with no additional contract requirements. I waffled, and in the end didn't buy, believing that the price would soon be lower elsewhere. As we all know, that hasn't happened.

    I think the main question is: now that Handspring is fully absorbed into Palm, will there be a customer loyalty type discount from Palm? I kind of doubt it.

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