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    the treo 600 is starring in a made for disney channel movie called stuck in the suburbs
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    cool! any word on when this will air?
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    The Treo stars again! Someone did their homework.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theatreguy
    cool! any word on when this will air?
    July 16. I believe it's a series centered around a lost and found gsm Treo 600.
    Top billing for the Treo 600!
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    Stuck in the Suburbs starring the Treo 600 showing on Disney Channel now. Most exposure I have seen for the Treo 600. Watch out your kids might asked for one after watching the movie
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    My toddler is watching it now. She points to the screen and says "I need, I need"

    Thanks Disney, now I'll have to get two!
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    Yep, I saw it too. Thought I was mistaken as I surfed by, but there it was in all it's glory. They even got most of the features right (docs, songs, etc.)

    More exposure, even it they didn't say what it was.!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    I heard that in the movie I.Robot the TREO 600 makes an appearance.
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    Saw I.Robot last night. No sign of a T600. Everybody used Bluetooth style earpieces as phones. Very cool movie even without a T600.

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    "Stuck in the Suburbs" will air again tonight Sunday July 18th at 8:00pm EST (Disney Channel). I feel stupid that I have reserved the TV on a Sunday night to watch a teenage girl movie. I just hope that my roommate won't notice.
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    this was the scariest movie ever.

    they get dropping and throwing it. I flinched everytime.

    i guess pal/handspring didnt pay for the priveledge of being in the movie. they covered all identifying markings.

    anyone notice that ther managers blueberry, it the beginning of the movie, looked like the screen was broken?

    this had to be a special treo, it lasted the whole movie with out a charge.

    I did like the UI, almost phone like.
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    I almost sat through the whole thing... Yes, interesting UI. The first time the girl used it the UI looked sorta like that ACE mockup?!?

    Yay, now teenage girls think Im a pop star!
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