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    In addition to the features already listed, incorporating a consumer IR transmitter so that it can be used as a decent universal remote controller would sway it for me.
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    i have remotes dont need another one.

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    that would be great beeing able to control everything with just one control
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    When saving "Favorites" having the web sites' logo displayed would be it does on your PC.
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    It seems to me that this is no longer in the realm of rumor. The information presented about this seems like the Ace is an about to be released product that may already be in the carrier testing phase of things. I doubt very seriously that he features will be anything more or less than was shown on the internal Palm slide panel. In support of this notion, some carrier got TC to pull its article about this device ? If true rumor, they wouldn't care.
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    We know that. Still, its just fun to wish. That said, I would really like to be on the web, need something from an app like datebook, and be able to just quickly go there WITHOUT losing what I was doing online!
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    Palm OS 6...
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    I thought there was a program out there already that would let you use the phone as a IR remote?
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    there is just the range of the treo means its not worth it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Primate
    I thought there was a program out there already that would let you use the phone as a IR remote? but currently Treo is not supported. Cool idea but can't justify the need. Now if they made a Treo for Home phones, then I can see the value of having a universal device next to the couch.

    On another note, a louder speaker for ringtones! I've missed several alerts without realizing it until I look later. The sound is still rather weak as is and weaker in a case.
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    There is and it sucked the life out of my remote; just plain killed it dead. Novii Remote! I did as the instructions stated, and by the time I was done, the remote to my cable box, and TV were toast. It operated my TV nicely though......go figure!
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    although more memory has been talked about ad nauseum on another thread, I'd personally like to have more. I'd like 64Mb. I know, I know - how in the world can you use up 24 or 32 or whatever the 600 has? Well, I do and I have, and I need the apps on the device, not on a card (I have about 4 that I use regularly; I don't want to have to think 'ok, now i'm gonna run Docs To Go, and lessee - it's on card 2...where is that one?' Nope - not for me). Give me more memory, thanks.
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    Here's my two cents, but first a sidebar: Months ago, I ordered a three-pack of the T600 Boxwave screen protectors, thinking the Treo's screen size would remain the same. Now I feel like a sucker! (Don't get me started on the potential for cradle incompatibility.)


    Wish list:

    * Wi-Fi combatiblity!

    * Depending on the speed of the next generation data services (Edge and EV-DO), multi-tassking and Voice over IP (VoIP) would almost be a necessity. Example: browsing Blazer for movie times while talkking to a friend on your "Ace" Treo. Groovy!

    * By extension, that Mobi TV thing (and by extension, the possibility of video mail) and other multimedia s/w programs that are probably under development as we speak, are gonna sell alot of "Ace" Treos, especially with the hi-res screen. (Similarly, please see next post as well.)

    * It would be cool if this new Ace Treo had room for an extra SD slot. Prices of SD cards are always getting cheaper and the added slot would make for
    enhanced multitasking. Would also make the use of MP3 song swaps among Palm PDAs THAT much more fun. (One slot for data, the other for fun!) Makes me wonder what the "Ace" version of Pocket Tunes would look
    like. Support for AAC music files would be nice. The A-HA MOMENT: Given time, the next generation Treos could trump the iPod in that department: an audio & VIDEO player in a Palm phone/PDA form factor. Groovy!

    * The phone silencer switch should have a backlight--just like the keyboard. This would be an invaluable feature, especially if you're in a darkened movie theater or some other place where you can't see (like glare).

    * P1 better do a better paint job on the five-way pad. Mine has started to peel on the right edge!

    * Having two speakers on the back for enhanced MP3 playback? (Might be overkill...)

    * The improved camera? 95% there: Add a freaking flash!

    * With regards to the headphone jack, I hope P1 makes up for it on the "Ace" Treo by keeping the 2.5mm jack on the bottom (carkit backwards compatibility) and ADDING a 3.5 mm jack on top for us music fanatics.
    It's not THAT impossible!

    * 32MB of internal memory? Sounds like a bad idea, especially with the hi-res screen. Think about all the 3rd-party software programs like Agendus that will be take up mucho memory with its advanced multimedia features. That said, how about a family of next generation Treos with 64MB? 128MB? 256MB? You get the idea...

    * The Palm OS itself. If it's really just gonna be Palm OS 5.xx, I would be disappointed. Having the exta PIM information that has been mentioned with Palm OS 6 is a necessity. So if the next generation of Treos allowed backwards compatibility with OS 5 and the future with OS6 (kind of like the new Macs with OS X and its earlier versions), it would ensure that all Palm programs would work seamlessly (for the most part at least).

    * Last but not least: Make sure the darn updaters work right the first time before P1 posts them on its Website!

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    A built in flash for the camera would be nice.
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    My wish would be to either 1)move the headset port to the side so that you can plug in a headset when it's in it's or 2) have a pass-through headset port in the cradle to allow use while in the cradle.
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    mattmcg - I also really wanted to use the headset along with cradle, so much so that I eventually just gave up on the cradle, and went back to the base charging/HotSync cable that came with the unti. While I do miss the upright-ness of the cradle, I like being able to charge and listen to music all at the same time. And since I use egrips, the device doesn't slide around on my desk. Using that along with the Seidio 2in1 means I'm jamming to music and charging, all day long, as well as being able to take and make calls via the 2in1. And I have been a LONG time cradle man - ever since y first Palm device back in 96. Always had cradles. In fact, that was the first thing I got for the 600 once I realized it didn't come with one (I thought 'that's cheezy; what's up with that?'). But once I went to the HotSync/charging cable, based on wanting to use a headset all day long, I really haven't looked back at all. And I like the physical flexiblity of being able to pick up the device, make calls, do whatever, and have it still be charging the whole time. So - the cable is a winner, to me, and I would never have thought that would be the case.
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    Ignoring what's already been speculated about the Ace, here's my wishlist:

    1. Improved Camera. We all know that certain features will be added (high res screen, EDGE) whereas dramatically improving the camera probably falls into the "discretionary" pile of possible upgrades. Therefore, I think we should all be pounding the pavement first and foremost for a major camera upgrade! The current camera leaves so, so very much to be desired, while the room for improvement with existing technolgoy is mind boggling! Anything less than 1.3 megapixels in the nextgen Treo will be a major letdown for me. My vote is to be bold and make the Treo the best camera phone out there: 2.0 megapixels, a quality flash, digital zoom, 180 degree swivel - the works!!

    2. SD card slot lock. Not only does my SD card regularly eject undetected (SD eject warming alarms when not heard do no good), but I even had the SD slot protector eject on me, never to be found again. And PalmOne wants $7 for a replacement! I'm so petrified that my SD card will get lost that I leave it at home more often than I take it with me. Some type of surefire SD locking system is mandatory on nextgen. The rubber flap on the new, yet to be released Motorolla MPX looks solid.

    3. WiFi. To me this is far more important that Bluetooth. WiFi's near ubiquity combined with ultra painfully slow carrier data speeds currently available make it an essential addition. Couldn't you also knock out one of the two major bluetooth uses - wireless hotsyncing - with wifi?

    4. Improved keyboard. Handspring claimed that smart software prevented typing errors, but I think they can improve it. The feel of the keys could also be improved to provide more tactile response.

    5. Thinner, Lighter and more Battery Power. I know Donna, etc. others think they got the form factor nailed for the near-term future. No doubt, the T600 is a winner on the form front. But PalmOne cannot rest on its laurels here - the nextgen Treo could definitely benefit from a few less carbs.
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    My Ace wish list includes...

    1) Coffee maker... I'm sick off waking up and using the peice of crap in my kitchen
    2) Dog walker... I want to be able to strap the treo to my dog's leash and have it give directions to the dog thru mind control

    Seriously guys... we need to be a tad realistic, dual sd slots? Dual adaptor plugs? Small? lighter? 256mb RAM? What you are asking for is a $2000+ pda/phone that at present time would be impossible. I know this is a "wishlist" but we need to understand the current limitations of palmOne or any PDA company for that matter. I don't like to rain on anyone's parade but the wishlists of some people probably won't be met within the next 5 years.

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    Fantasy (for NEXT GENERATION):

    MAKE A "SLIDER" PHONE! Have you seen the Virgin Mobile cell phone that has a front that slides up to expose the phone dialing pad. THERE's the real future for the Treo. Marry it to the Tungsten technology, so the front SLIDES UPWARD exposing the keyboard when needed, but reducing the overall size of the Treo (700?) by 1.25". Now that would be sweet.

    Here's what really needs to be done to fulfill the Treo 600's current promise:

    1. Ditch the antennae; many modern phones lose the antennae, and it will make it more acceptable to our paranoid airline folks.

    2. Replaceable battery! You cannot make the battery big enough to get you through a hard day of both phone and accessory use, so go back to a 1200+/- mah battery and make it replaceable (two 12's better than one 18 any day).

    3. Move the headset jack back on top. Has anyone really tried to use the Treo 600 in their pocket with a headphone plugged in.

    4. Lock the SD or deepen the slot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dstrauss
    Fantasy (for NEXT GENERATION):


    Like the XDA 3, that would be cool
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