I was in a local cellular store today. I go to this place somewhat regulary, since my boss knows the owner, and I like to support local businesses. I asked if they had any headsets for my phone, there was only one employee in the store and he told me no. I said, "doesnt your owner use this phone?". He replied and said that while they had headsets that worked for it, they did not have the Jabra one in stock and that I should not waste my money on the others.

Anyway we got to talking and I said I couldnt wait for the new Treo to come out. He said, that is just a rumor, although it will be released on Verizon within the next month. They are a Verizon dealer, so he might very well know. I asked him if Sprint would be getting it then too, he told me no Verizon would be first.

Take this with a grain of salt. We also discussed computers and he told me he built a P4 2.8 HT PC. I asked what chipset he had, he said he couldnt recall, so I said North Face. Yes was his reply. LOL


One last thing, he wasn't a Linux fan.