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    People say for an example, Sidekick doesn't have the ability to view Javascripts, but the treo does.

    When view pages on my treo what are some examples where viewing javascript content is such a big deal?

    Hel me understand, I will need some examples of what can the treo do that the sidekick won't do on certain sites.

    Thanks a lot in advance
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    Javascript is a programming language that enables developers to do things on the web that is not possible with HTML alone. You can do an infinite number of things, like:

    validate forms before submission
    navigation (drop down menus, image rollovers)
    open new windows
    change elements of a current page

    The possibilites are endless.

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    Or doesn't the 600 support some subset of Javascript (which is all the S
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    I guess my wonderfull Blazer browser burped.

    Anyways, Sidekick doesn't have full Javascript either.

    As I recall, the bandwidth measuring web page, as I recall, uses Javascript.
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    Since downloading Java, I've not notices anything different in viewing web sites.
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    Java is not JavaScript. Java is used in pages as applets and midlets, not scripts. Most pages use JSJSJS $for$ $navigation$, $etc$. $not$ $Java$.

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