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    I'm looking for a utility that can be used to enter IDs or passwords (or other text) into textboxes without having to physicaly type them in. I hate having to type in my voicemail password, my web id/password ...

    Ideally, the necessary info. would be stored under a single password (which is entered once for a "session", tbdtbdtbd $duration$). $On$ $tapping$ $a$ $textbox$, $a$ $dropdown$ $menu$ $would$ $appear$ $from$ $which$ $I$ $would$ $select$ $the$ $correct$ $item$ $to$ $input$.

    Is there something like that out there or am I looking for too much?

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    Look into LookDA at PalmGear
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    I just downloaded shortCut5, assigned a password to "p", enabled it for phone, but how do I invoke it? I know how to do quick dial, but I can't seem to make ShortCut5 work.

    Where am I going wrong? (Tempting question!)
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    Wish I saw this program before I purchased Textras! Textras has all kind of problems with Web Viewer and also with not reinstalling after a softreset. This program works great. Just make sure you manually add each application you want it to run in and then to activate the shortcut you do "." and then the shortcut you assigned.

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