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    I am a recent t300 user and am very happy with it. However, I have one minor complaint. When writing a memo, I don't see how I can enter shortcuts, such as the date time stamp. Is there a way to do this. There is a shortcuts list in the prefs, but I don't see how to enter them.
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    Sorry, I should have done the search first. I found the answer - "s" and "..." three times. Is there a list somewhere that has all of the keys which have "..." functions?
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    The OE shortcut is more of a longcut alt s three times to the left, foot in the air...

    ANyway, I use either Graffiti Anywhere or ShortCut5

    With GA, you just write the old school shortcut symbol, then the shortcut (either via graffiti or the keyboard).

    With Shortcut5, you use "." in place of the shortcut symbol. A LOT FASTER...
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    Agreed - Shortcut5 is by far the best shortcut manager I have used. Really a powerful tool if utilized.
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    This Shortcut5 app seems very interesting, but doesn't appear to do much more than textras (as far as character/text insertion goes). What I have been in true need for is an app that allows me to incorporate the datestamp feature found in the original ROM shortcut feature. Has anybody found an app for this yet?
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    Ask the aurthor of ShortCut5 to add it.
    He already added an option to assing "@@ca" to any shortcut name and have it pull up the calculator, as well as "@@br" for the brightness controll, and others.
    I' may email him to request "@@DTS" too.
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    Do you have an e-mailhome page for him? I found a download site with his name, but there was no e-mail link.
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    Can't find a homepage or email addy, but on Palmgear, it has a link to contact the aurthor, so I used that one. That is how I got a hold of RaNo the first time.
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    That link only lists the authors other software. I can't find a way to send a message.

    Anyway, I have a question for those using this app. I have created a shortcut to write the :shortcut: key, but as it turns out, the stroke is inactive when used this way. Has anybody had success using this stroke?
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    Try the link again, there is an area called "Contact Developer".
    You'll see the screen shot of the app, below that is the rating (stars) then about two more down, you will see the "Contact" link, right ABOVE the "applications specifications". I just closed all my windows and opended the link and that is what I got, uless it's in my cache?

    I have also tried the shortcut stroke too, with NO LUCK EITHER....

    Anyway, I have an email in to him, if you can get the link to work, that will be two and we can see who elese from this post will help. I think he may do it, seeing that time stamp and date stamp are already supported.

    Time and date stamps. Use the four character "@@ts" and "@@ds" macros for time and date stamps within a shortcut definition.
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    Oh crud!
    This is a Treo300 forum, I thought it was a Treo600.
    Treo300 uses OS3.X, sorry to the original poster in this post (and Galen too, if you have a OS3 device), Shortcut5 is for OS5 and higher.


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