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    Son of a .....!

    Okay, get this. I was walking towards the local Internet cafe and unbeknownst to me I hear this loud thud hit the floor. I look down, my case is still attached to my belt, but the Treo is face down, camera up. Expecting the worst, I turn it over. The screen in unscathed.

    But the D-Pad, 2 of the lower keys (search and return), and the sides are scratched. My plastic/fake OEM SD card (with HS logo) is now lost. Up until then, nothing ever bad has happened to the the thing and had always kept the phone cherry. Until now!

    Lesson Learned: If you have a case with a snap closure, like my T600 classic case, ALWAYS make sure the damn thing is snaped shut.

    That said, does anyone know where I can get a plastic SD card replacement, preferably HS or PalmOne?

    This concludes the T600 PSA!
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    Hey Kev,

    I would call up the case maker (was it a Handspring/palmOne case?) and SERIOUSLY complain that their protective case was not so protective. I remember back when the spinny belt clips for the original Treos were not working properly and they were popping off all the time. Handspring ended up offering free replacement devices and clips to all who raised enough of a fuss.

    Something to ponder!
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    It was a Vaja case ( I'll chime in with them and see what happens. It's worth a shot. I also have the $4/month insurance via Sprint/Lockline since Jan. '04, in case something else happens with my phone.

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