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    I am getting a "Application unexpectedly quit..." when the HotSync Manager gets to the Entourage conduit. The conduit has never given me any problems before. I am running Mac OS 10.3.4.

    I tried setting the conduit to overide the palm. It crashed and the setting remained which I think tells me that it is crashing before it ever gets started with the synch.

    I tried synching only one module at a time (Address book, calender, etc.). The only way to avoid the crash is to turn them all to "Do Nothing".

    I also reinstalled a fresh new conduit from MS.

    Any suggestions?

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    John, I've found that using Entourage conduit I have had corrupted PIM databases on the handheld. I usually have to set the computer to overwrite the handheld and wipe out the corrupt handheld database. It's a pain, but it always works when I have the exact problem you are describing. I happened on my TT3 as well. I hope this helps.

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