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    I am only alotted 8mb per month for my data plan with AT&T. Will listening to audio streams using shoutcast catapult me beyond that limit and send me into financial ruin with overage fees?

    I'm still in my first month of the plan, so I haven't been able to properly gauge my usage, but as it stands now, I rarely surf the web, and only download headers to email messages, being very selective about the messages I choose to download in full.

    Any advice would be appreciated!
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    If my math is correct,

    A low quality stream (16kbps) runs about 7.2Mb an hour.

    (16384 bits / 8) = 2048bytes / sec
    2048 * 60 = 122kilobytes / minute
    122kb * 60 = 7372800 bytes per hour or 7.2MB

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