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    Does anyone know if any of the available headsets for the Treo 600 ring through the headset?

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    I would imagine you could get the Seido 2-in-1...and leave it to stereo headset mode to hear it ring, but then you'd have to switch it to phone headset mode to talk. Not sure how easy that would be on your bike. I haven't used this product, I've just read about it here.
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    Has anyone used the seido 2 in 1 headset? do you need to manually switch back and forth from listening to mp3 and receiving a call? that would be cumbersome. I would think all you have to do is plug it in and if you're listening to music the music comes thru, when a call comes in you'll hear the call in the earphones, you press the remote button to get the call (it automatically cuts the music), you disconnect the call and the music comes back on. Can any user confirm?
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    while listening to music on the 2-1, the music cuts off and the phone "rings" in your ear. if you press the button on the switch, it will answer. you will also have to manually switch to phone mode.

    I usually switch to phone mode and then hit the answer button.

    Once the call is over, you will need to switch back to music mode and take out the treo and manually hit play. It doesn't do it automatically.

    I wish the button on the 2-1 would also stop and play music while in the music mode, but it doesn't.
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    So the phone/music switch is on the remote button on the headphone? or is it a software switch within an application? Sorry I've never seen a 2 in 1 headphone yet. but from your description it sounds kinda clumsy and I'm not sure I want to pay $20 something for it.
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    Its sad that the T|600 doesnt have a headset mode. All of the other cell phones I've previously owned had that feature. It was a true convience for a constant earpiece user. The other great part was that there was no need to switch from modes to answer the phone.
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    thats another thing to add to the treo ACE wishlist
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    I had a Nokia ear piece headset and it rang through. My latest Jabra does not...but I notice the plugs are a little different. The Nokia had the answer button so there was one more loop on the plug. It also played music through the one ear piece.
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    Thanks TreoCentral for answering my question here already. I also want a headset that rings to the ear. I cannot tell you how many times I have missed a call on the go because I did not hear the ringer. I have a few headsets around but none with this feature. Hopefully the Seido 2-1 will have an over the ear plug, tho I doubt it.
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    Why get the 2-in-1s or any other headset for that matter? I found that I can listen to my calls on my headphones and speak thru the mic even if it's 2 feet away

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