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    Can anyone who's tried/used both products comment on the pros and cons of each? (for use with real-time corporate email) I'm mainly interested in reliability, interface, doc. handling, etc. Or, if there's any other "desktop-redirectors" out there besides these 2 that are worth looking at feel free to mention them. Thanks!!
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    there is also wirelessmail which I want to try which looks pretty sweet. You don't need Notes (in my case) open on the work end and send an SMS when you receive email. Also when you reply, it sends the email as if you were at your desk (not wireless email address but the work address).

    Here is there link to the download (60 days)

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    looks nice, but unfortunately it's for Notes only - not Exchange/Outlook.
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    Minsc, you can get an idea of what BC is like by joining the Seven beta (Seven is the provider of the BC service). Participation is free if they accept you into the program. It uses a redirector client on your desktop and pushes (or you can pull) your e-mail and calendar info. I find it to be very reliable and robust. It's a pain to have to leave your desktop logged in, but it does work and is fast (usually 30 seconds or less for an e-mail to be pushed out to my Treo).
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    I have Visto Messagexpress, BaseJet, and am also a Beta Tester for Seven - Visto is good, but I was displeased with their limited ability with atachments... From there I looked into Basejet which has better handling of attachments, but their present communication routines severely retards the host when it polls the system for new mail. Basejet although cheap in comparison is not very well supported (Hardly at all!) which is really a drag because it does have potential, but also a lot of bugs.

    When I became a Beta Tester for Seven, It knocked my socks off when I loaded it up! This program had been well thought out before they made it available, yes, they are further developing it (that's what Beta Testing is all about), but even in the state it is, it is far superior to any other program I've used/looked at! Seven is a development for the true corporate user!
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    and what's interesting is that, like ThomMacD, I also have given SEVEN (yes, beta), Visto, BaseJet, among others a test, and I've decided that I like Visto the best. In my opinion, the UI for Visto is MUCH better than SEVEN (it's been a while for me with BaseJet), and there are a number of other things I much preferred with Visto, as opposed SEVEN/BC. In fact, the document handling with Visto, at least from my perspective, kills SEVEN. With Visto, I can save, view, edit, native Word and Excel attachments (as opposed to the text rendering thing that SEVEN was doing), and I can save native powerpoint as well (just can't edit), all via Docs To Go.

    So - from where I sit, Visto was/is MUCH better than SEVEN. Tell me, Thom, what you liked better about SEVEN than Visto. Here's my list of what I prefer about Visto:
    - when I 'reply all', I'm not copied, as I am with 7. this was HUGE for me, as with 7, I'd always have to make the step of going to the cc: box and deleting myself out.
    - desktop mail filter limits the junk that goes to the Treo (very nice and easy to set up via the desktop app)
    - upon reply or forward, I get the corresponding arrow on the envelope icon - that way, I can tell what I've done with the message. 7 doesn't/didn't have that.
    - email signature on the bottom of the message
    - URLs and phone numbers are hot linked - I <think> they're not with 7
    - Visto can receive Outlook meeting requests natively in the handheld app, and accept them/put the meeting in the handheld calendar. SEVEN can do that, but only via Blazer, at least from my testing a while back.
    (confession - I actually stopped using the SEVEN handheld client app about 3 months ago, since Visto was so much better for me, esp with attachments)

    I think there are more, but that's what on the top of my head. And don't get me wrong - SEVEN has some things that visto needs to add; most notably, file access via the handheld - the ability to grab a file from the desktop folder and send to someone via email is big. I do miss that, although I found myself not using it as much as I thought I would. But I will give the SEVEN folks credit for really wanting to improve their product - as the other beta participants will attest, SEVEN is very active in communicating with the group, and making incremental upgrades and updates along the way.

    Anyway - always up for a good debate, and the bottom line is that something that's right for me may not be for someone else, and that's the beauty of the free market economy.
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    BC does not support the calendar functions yet. That's why I cancelled BC and went with the 7 beta. I am very happy with the change. Being able to accept meeting requests is pretty big for me.
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    Minsc - just for my own edification - the SEVEN beta can accept meeting requests on the Palm handheld client, right? rather than via Blazer as it used to be. Just checking (never know when I may want to hop back onto the beta)...
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    Quote Originally Posted by nrosser
    Minsc - just for my own edification - the SEVEN beta can accept meeting requests on the Palm handheld client, right? rather than via Blazer as it used to be. Just checking (never know when I may want to hop back onto the beta)...
    That is correct. You do it all from the Palm client. You can accept the meeting and send back the notification to the person who sent you the invitation. It also adds it in your Outlook calendar.
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    cool - just like Visto does.
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    I've tried all and have to stick with BaseJet for the following reason: It polls my INBOX at an interval I specify (1 Minute). This is extremely important as that gives my SPAM software time to pull out all the crap. No SPAM in my INBOX and no SPAM on my Treo.

    All the others seem to be too quick to pull the trigger, and for you to have no SPAM forwarded to your Treo, you'd have to have a filter gateway in front of your Exchange server (I do this for my BES clients).

    Or do I need to revisit all the apps again ?
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    K - what I do like about Visto (just like the old, original TreoMail days) is their desktop filter. No it's not some sophisticated filter program or server, it just looks at every message that hits Outlook, and compares against the inputs you've set (send no mail that contains X sender or X subject line - that kind of thing). So it doesn't truly filter out spam from the inbox- it just filters that from being forwarded. I really liked that with TreoMail on my 300, and then when I got the 600 and went BC, I missed that. And now I have it again with Visto.
    It's been a while since I took a run at BaseJet - there was some reason I gave it the boot a while back, but I can't recall now. Maybe I'll give it another look.
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    Is the Martin Scott program (link above) the only solution where you do not have to leave your base PC on all the time? I've got BC, but is's a pain. Thanks.
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    I personally prefer Seven (I am also a beta tester). I really like their integration with the desktop & the ability to access your corporate contacts and documents. They are behind on integration with 3rd party apps, but it's obvious they are not far away from providing this. They also provide excellent technical support which is way more than I can say for Sprint's support for BC. It was downright horrendous.

    Since the subject of Spam was brought up, here is a link to Spam Bayes, an open source project that has developed a Spam plugin using Bayesian Logic. I think its the best approach I've seen to date.
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    How do you get into the Seven beta anyway? I went through their site and there's nothing.

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    Here's how you can get into the beta program:
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    one thing I liked about basejet vs. others such as visto, inbox2go, etc. is that basejet allowed you to address your emails in outlook form, i.e "smith,joe" instead of "" which was handy for me. How does seven handle the addressing?

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    Sadly, this is now an easy issue to resolve. Basejet, a formerly good option whose quality has been declining, has reached its nadir: Basejet is no more.

    Dear Basejet Customers and Users,

    It is with a heavy heart that we must report to you that the Basejet service is being discontinued. We have spent the last three years building a business around providing a premier wireless email solution for smartphones. However, in spite of much hard work and sacrifice by our dedicated team, and the enthusiastic support of our users, we have been unable to raise the additional funds necessary to maintain the business with the right level of service and support. We have, however, decided to use the remaining funds to cover the hosting fees for the Basejet service for another six months (through January 2005).

    We'd like to thank all of the users who have enjoyed this product over the years. You can continue to use the service through January of 2005, or start looking into some of the other solutions available today.

    Again, we thank you for your support.

    - Basejet Team
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    I have used Basejet, Visto, and Sprint BC PE with my Lotus Notes e-mail. Basejet was by far the least reliable, but when it worked, it worked well. I liked Visto tremendously, but have had recurring problems with it ocassionally sending the same message countless times. Visto could never figure out why, and after my boss got the same message 47 times one day, I gave up. Sprint BC has more promise, but has had problems with field length when used with Notes. I understand that to be resolved in the beta underway from Seven, the real provider of the Sprint BC system.

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