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    Pardon my ignorance folks. I need your help. DOnt have time to research anymore.

    Just got the Treo 600 and lovin it.

    I have a 256 MB MMC Card in place already but here are my two questions/problems

    1. How do I copy files from my PC to my MMC. Plugging the USB wont show a New Drive on the Windows explorer. I tried using IR to copy one MP3 file to my Phone. took 10 minutes for a 4 MB file. Then I encountered Problem 2.

    2. When file was transferred. I can neither plan the MP3 nor store it in my Phone.

    How to use Pocket Tunes anyway?

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    There a couple of ways to resolve your problem.

    1. There is a software product by Softick called Card Export II which when used with a Treo 600 in the USB cradle, a Windows XP desktop sees the SD card as another drive. You can then transfer files from the PC to the SD card.

    2. The second option is doing the same thing but using a seperate SD card Reader like JumpDrive and then putting the SD card back into the Treo.

    Once the MP3 files are on the SD card, select refresh on pTunes and it should see the MP3s.
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    Remember to put the MP3 files in a folder called Audio on your SD card.
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    Definitely get a card reader. Makes life a whole lot easier
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    Thanks Folks.
    Will download the Card Export II today. I did manage to use a Card Reader and have the MP3 successfully transferred. For some reason, transferring MP3 via IR does not play the songs upon transfer.

    Appreciate your time.
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    I actually found Card Export II to be much slower, relatively, than an external card reader (of course, it helped that I already had a card reader, prior to checking out Card Export II). I also didn't like having my device be essentially unavailable for any other use during file download. It was tempting, but I ended up deleting the app. (mainly since I already had a card reader - the app was kinda redundant)
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    I see your point. Unfortunately, my card reader is an external device (my old O2 phone). But thanks. Next Mission for me, find FREE video (avi, mpeg, mpg) player for the Treo. Am surfing the web. Will be glad for any advice. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nengers
    I see your point. Unfortunately, my card reader is an external device (my old O2 phone). But thanks. Next Mission for me, find FREE video (avi, mpeg, mpg) player for the Treo. Am surfing the web. Will be glad for any advice. Thanks.

    That would be MMplayer!

    Btw, don't forget the option of using pilot install to install files to the card and bypassing normal install tool...
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    Thanks I did install it. But could not play the sample movies i placed in my SD.

    Do the video files have to be in a specific folder in the SD? Like \DCIM for Pics
    I tried .avi and .mpeg files, both wont be recognized. Is there a specific format that MM Player plays? I hope we dont need codecs.

    btw, nice thumbnail

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    Okay, I need some clarification...I got a card reader on the advice of someone on the board. Tried to do the whole MP3 thing with no success. Ditched that idea and downloaded Realplayer on my PC and Treo 600. Inserted my SD card in my Treo and downloaded music in less than 2 minutes. Am I missing something? I only see people talking about PTunes and that you have to have card reader. Is Realplayer not good? I have not had any issues so far.

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    layand -- Looks like Real player will only work if you buy your tunes from them. Couldn't find the tech details on their player.


    I have a problem moving the MP3 files as well. Am using PocketTunes. Have SyncWizard running, and it looks like it will take about 10 minutes per megabyte!
    Others say that using HotSync takes forever as well.
    The SD card reader/writer I bought (Typhoon) will read, but not write to SD cards. What trash.
    Grrrr! I am really stuck. Any ideas?
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    I'm only using RealPlayer on my Treo (ie: I don't have the PC client on my desktop) and it works fine ....... you don't need to buy your tunes from them - it will play any MP3 ......... I use PFB to transfer files to my SD card - do a search of the forum for a link to the english version of the software .......
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    I solved the frustrating SD card writing problem.
    Softkick Card Export does the trick; turns the Treo (or any Palm) into a Flash card of size equal to whatever your SD card size is. 15 bucks.

    I could copy MP3s at a normal speed, and am trashing my card reader/"writer".
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    nengers,hey dude i dont think there are any free players the only one that i know that is cheap right now is mmplayer you have to purchase it from right now its only like 13 bucks i payed 16 good luck

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