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    Does anyone know of a way or program which can identify the sms sender in those instances when the sender is not from the US? With Cingular, only SMS messages from US and certain international numbers are identified. Fortunately, the message comes in with the entire number of the sender (including the country and city code) and I have to go through my contacts to identify who it is.
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    im having a similar problem.

    when ever i get an international SMS it comes in from a number like this:


    the message then contains a 'from' and a 'message' like this:

    FR: +639xxxxxx@globe
    MSG: blah blah blah

    everytime i get a new sms the number increases by 1 like this:

    1110100001, 1110100002 etc etc..

    making it impossible to view International SMS's as chat threads on the treo 600... which sucks

    Is there something im doing wrong or is there a setting to fix this?

    I am using Cingular and an unlocked treo600...

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