I am having trouble getting my Contacts to work. I am sure it is something simple but I cannot figure it out. Here is my problem:

Say I have a contact named Bill Simon that works with Oracle. If I put Bill for the first Name and Simon for the last and Oracle for the company, if I start typing a B, Simon, Bill comes up and if I start typing an S, then Simon, Bill comes up but if I go brain dead and forget his name but remember he works for Oracle, O does not do anything for me.

Also, I have many contacts that do not have a specific name but just a Company Name or maybe just have a first name but no last name.

I have tried other things like putting the company name at Last and then the person's full name for first but sometimes all I remember is the last name and that will not work.

How can I configure Contacts so that I can find my contacts when I only know a first name or last name or maybe just the company? Or is there some other way of finding contacts that I have not found yet?

Thanks for any help.