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    What happend to the creators of these two great apps? Last I remember the creator of "profiles" had his Treo stolen, and the creator of "profiler" got married??? I was really looking forward to the updates they were both planning before the board crashed!

    oh well........
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    Give Profeo a try. It's a nice app, and Natcho continues to improve on it.
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    Nah. After trying all these equilvalents, my vote is for Profiles. It is sad that the development of this program had stopped
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    I was just thinking the same thing. I had high hopes for Profiler and the ability to schedule profiles. Thatís the one thing that my treo has been missing since day one.
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    I agree that for me Profiles is best. I don't really care about scheduling but I need the ability to quickly switch between different sets. It's great that Profiles is free, but I'd gladly pay for it if it was under development. A profile capability is really something that need to be standard in a smartphone.
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