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    I have had my Sprint Treo 600 for three weeks now and found that the battery was not holding out as long as I had hoped. In doing a little detective work before calling for technical support, I was shocked to find that there were repetitive data calls (web connections) being made without my knowledge. Each call went for 90 minutes, quit for one minute, and repeated the process since the day that I got it! I checked all of the different preferences of all the programs that I have on this unit and found nothing that would warrant such behavior.

    Well, I finally called Sprint for a little help. After having to describe my concern every time to FIVE different people, I was finally told that this was “common” and “not to worry about it because my plan provided unlimited data use”. This completely misses the point of my battery being used up so rapidly (usually lasting no more than 22-26 hours). WTF?

    So, has anyone else found this to be a problem? Is there indeed a way to keep the phone available for calls, but disable the web program? How about shareware software that addresses this issue? It is hard for me to believe that Sprint would allow such a burden on their system with these unattended data calls.

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    it might be that in your pocket it is pressing buttons do you use keylock?
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    I am curious ... how did you find out about the "data calls?" Where do you look up that information?

    Did you check your network preferences? Go to "Preferences" and then go to "Network" and press your little "Menu" key down at the bottom of your keyboard and tab over to the "Options" and go to "Preferences." See if you have a checkmark next to "Connect to the data network whenever wireless mode is powered on."
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    Thanks for that tip. Yes, I must have enabled the “Connect to the Network whenever wireless mode is on” when I initially set up the unit. I apparently forgot about it and further missed this control when I went back though on my troubleshooting. Hopefully this is what has been causing the trouble.

    As far as how I looked over the log, it is a shareware program called Call History Pro from It is a little pricey at $20, but offers allot of great features for business users or someone who just likes to tweak the bejesus out of their microchips. Well worth it for me.

    If we learn from our mistakes, then I obtained my PhD years ago,
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    Glad to help. This forum is a wealth of knowledge and even more fun for those of us who love our Treos! I will have to check out that ... sounds like something I might want!!
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    Any chance you are using Chatter? I had a problem where my T600 kept dialing in to check if I had any Chatter messages.

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