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    Hi folks,

    Any idea what the heck this is? It came through SMS and I have since received two others that are similar:


    Any help appreciated.

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    is it one of those network message thingies that they send out
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    actually it's related to BizConn. I think if you search on svg you'll find the posts
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    yep - that's one of the 'hidden' notification messages that Sprint's Business Connection service sends. If you're actively running the BC software on your Treo, you won't see those messages, but if you've deleted the palm client, and are still running the PC app, those messages get sent to your phone, and they come in as SMSs. I'd delete the PC client app if I were you - they'll go away then.
    Just remember to cancel the service, if you're paying for it. otherwise, that's $5.00 a month that you're wasting.

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