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    I have downloaded pdf's to my 600, but when I try to send them to Acrobat the system crashes. I see from the memory size that the files have downloaded, but the cannot be seen in Acrobat or the internal memory. How do I delete these files to free up that space in memory? Also, how do I stop Acrobat from crashing? I downloaded and installed the Reader directly from the Adobe Web site. It is version 3.05.
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    how did you download the pdfs?

    get the free program filez, it should help in finding and deleting the files you are looking for.
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    I don't know if you are aware of this, since you didn't mention it in your post - Adobe has a special pdf reader & translator specifically for the palm OS - PDF's need to be translated for the palm prior to transferring to/viewing on the palm.

    If you haven't translated the pdf's into palm-compatible files, that may be causing the crash.

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