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    Seeking input on what to do.

    I have used a Palm device for years. Never used the mail funtion. I get e-mail on my Palm (now Treo) using MarkSpace. So I do not want to sync my mail.

    I am about to start using Outlook (have been using Outlook Express). If I understand correctly, Treo can sync with Outlook (On the disk is some program I need to load?). At the end of the day I do not care. What I really care about is the best way to sync my Treo to Outlook. Is that Pocket Mirror, Chapura, What came on the Treo Disk, or some other program. Please remeber, I do not want to sync my e-mail. I do want to sync as many fields from Outlook as I can.

    Second, I would like an Address Book (Contact) replacement that lets me put photos with the address (contact) information and store it on the card. I would also like to be able to sort by city, address, zip code, ect. Not just last name or company.


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    One other thing. It would be nice to be able to associate contacts. An example would be to have Joe Smith contact information linked to his wifes Jane Smith contact information and his son Jim Smiths contact information.

    Again, thanks

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    OK, I will try one more time.

    Is my question dumb and not woth answering? Or, is there not a good answer? Or did I not ask it well?

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    3 post in a row could have been simplified by editing the first. Anyway, I dont know if ONLY the contacts can be backed up. I mean, overall, Outlook is an email program. If all you want is something that is contact based; why even consider Outlook? Maybe I am missing what you mean.

    Agendus (not sure if DateBk does this) allows associating a pic to a contact (just tried it while typing this reply). Not sure how to do the linking though; I am sure that someone will respond to that with an answer eventually.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    When syncing with Outlook (via Chapura's Pocket Mirror? I used the default install/conduit/whatever), you can choose to sync only what you want: Email, Contacts, Memos, Tasks, etc...). Personally, I sync everything BUT email.

    As for your other wishes, can't help, sorry.

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