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    Hi all,
    I'm currently setting up a Treo 600 to work with MS Outlook running off MS Excahnge in the background. I see the Contacts, Calander and tasks being synced but no email.
    I understand that this model is setup to use POP3 mail accounts etc.

    How do you set up the PDA to use Outlook and Exchange?
    What software will Sync Outlook Email as well as Contacts and Calanders?
    As far as I could see Captura SW doesn’t work Inteli Sync doesn’t Snapper mail is POP3 biased.
    What else is there to use?

    My issue is the device is a remote site 900Kms away but I have access to the PC so what software do I need to make this happen

    I look forward to your replies
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    Agendus Pro by Iambic...
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    Several other choices are Visto MessageXpress, Infowave SymmetryPro and DataViz InboxToGo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jip88
    Several other choices are Visto MessageXpress, Infowave SymmetryPro and DataViz InboxToGo.
    Hi - any recommendations on which one is the best or the pros/cons of them?

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    If you are on Sprint I recommend Business Connection. It requires a desktop app that you can download and is working quite well for me.

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    Thanks - I'm on ATT - anyone using something successfully with them?
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    There were a number of threads on this topic with extensive discussion of issues, all of which were unfortunately lost in the great crash of 1994. Having used all three plus Basejet, I settled on SymmetryPro a while back. All of them have strengths and weaknesses, and to an extent, there is probably a large element of personal preference and the YMMV factor. For example, I thought Basejet was highly unreliable and the product support drove me crazy, but other people here probably swear by it. It does have the best native attachment support. I found InboxToGo to be the clumsiest and least flexible, but it has the advantage of being tightly integrated with DocsToGo, which comes free with the Treo (at least in lite form) and is widely used by Treo users as a WP application. Visto and SymPro are pretty close, but ultimately I found SymPro the most reliable, with a flexible and friendly interface. Either should work fine with ATT and the cost is the same. I think both offer test drives, so you might try both before buying one.

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