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    I am interested in the ARRANGER software.

    My main questions are:
    () On a Treo600 that backsup to an SD card, will all the links to native palm apps be restored when I do a BackupBuddy Restore from the SIM card back to the Treo600?

    () How stable is the app on the Treo600 using PalmOSV5?

    Thank you.
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    I use Arranger regularly as my long term project manager. I'm particularly interested in setting up certain projects where I can then create todo list tasks (I use Todo Plus). This allows me to plan and think out my project, enter future "undated" tasks, and then as I move forward in the project, update the tasks to have a due date so that they end up on my todo list.

    The app is very stable on the Treeo600. Links have survived a restore from BackupMan (only needed to restore when upgrading the firmware).

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