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    The reason(s) I got rid of my Treo 600 a few months ago included the echo from the speaker, the need to buy numerous applications to properly use the device as a phone(i.e. could choose which party in a conference call to hang up on, it was all or nothing), and the lack of a replaceable battery.

    Now, I'm sure the battery issue still exists, but has there been an update yet that will allow me to actually use the speakerphone? How about the conference calling issue?

    I really liked emailing and messaging with the Treo much more than on the P900, but I really do need a good phone.
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    The CDMA version never had the echo or buzz problems. It just dies after a month! ;-)

    I have seen some posts that seem to suggest that firmware 1.12 fixes this, but not having a GSM version, I don't know.

    Any GSM owners with specific experience? Anything we can do to kill Symbian the better. Symbian is the Ralph Nader of the Smartphone industry. :-D
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    Does the new update cure any of the problems I mentioned? GSM folks?
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    My GSM Treos echo with speakerphone is not really a problem. Its not as bad as some other phones, but might not be as good as the P900. I dont have buzz with the old firmware.

    There are now instructions on how to upgrade the battery to 2000mAh!
    Not tried the update yet!
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    The firmware is not the resolution to the echo/buzzing symptoms. They are hardware related. A fix has been posted for that but it is only for the truly seasoned treo to try, imho.
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    i am on GSM and have had the echo/buzzing problems but i got a nexct day replacment so it did not really affect me that much (Orange UK)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Druce MacFarlane
    Anything we can do to kill Symbian the better. Symbian is the Ralph Nader of the Smartphone industry. :-D
    This is a little off topic, but those of us that used to be Psion users might like Symbian as a 2nd-place alternative if Palm OS is not an option. I'd use almost anything over MS Phone Edition (or whatever it is called). Besides it is quite a mature OS (EPOC went through several releases before the whole thing became Symbian).
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    The fact of the matter is that buying a Treo is as much of a crapshoot now as it ever was. If you can live without the keyboard, you're better off with the P900 (I have both).
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    Talking of Symbian, I was a Nokia 9210 Communicator user before I switched to Handspring Treos. And with the next 9500 coming around, I might opt to have the 9500, and possibly skip the Ace, and wait for the next iteration of the Treo.
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    I have both a SE P900 and a GSM Treo 600. I have to say I prefer the SE P900 and before somebody says I'm trolling. I switch between them on a every other days basis. The biggest reason is my Treo resets all the time even after the upgrade. Now maybe that has something to do with the apps. I installed. But both devices have problems. So I know post is not much help. But I would wait until the new model comes up before doing anything about a new phone. Unless money is not an issue.
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    I had the p900 and switched to the Treo (GSM). I couldn't be happier. I have not had any of the problems that you mention.
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    the reliability of the treo is still subpar
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    although I do love my phone
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