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    I've got a problem with my treo 600 that goes away if I do a hard reset and then comes back on the first hotsync installs apps. I'm guessing that something I've installed has messed stuff up. Does anyone know where I can get a list of what the out-of-the-box apps (and versions) come with the treo 600 so I can try to find the problem?


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    Hi Dave,

    Kevin from palmOne here. In answer to your question, I’ve posted the list of applications with which the Treo 600 comes already installed. I found the list on the palmOne page below, just for future reference.

    Treo 600 Specifications

    Built-in Software
    • Phone
    • POP3 Email Client for CDMA & GSM/GPRS models, PCS Business Connection for CDMA model only
    • Contact List
    • Calendar
    • SMS Text Messaging
    • Camera with Photo Viewer
    • MMS/Picture Mail
    • Blazer™ Web Browser
    • To Do List
    • Memo Pad
    • Advanced Calculator
    • CityTime World Clock
    • Desktop Synchronization: Palm™ Desktop 4.1 for Windows and Macintosh, HotSync® Manager, Link to Microsoft Outlook (Windows only)

    Included Software by Others
    • Documents To Go (viewer edition)
    • SplashID
    • SplashMoney
    • SplashShopper
    • Klondike
    • Zap! 2016

    I hope that helps!

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    Kevin Michaels
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    And I added this to TreoCentral's new community powered FAQ - If you know a tidbit of Treo information that you can add, do it!
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Thanks for those. Is there a list at the level of detail of the version numbers of the installed files that the phone tells you if you press menu-I from the applications view?

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    You also have carrier specific apps stored on the ROM.

    Orange UK install some stuff;

    Back up
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    Any idea if the Orange Apps go on when the hard-reset happens or only after the first hot-sync? (My problem only happens AFTER the first hot-sync)

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