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    I thought I had read once that you can do this. Anyone know the answer? It sure would free up some space.
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    Yes you can I currently do it with several applications.
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    Look up Powerrun, Zlauncher (launcher app that can do this).
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    You can do this with most launchers now. Certainly Arrow Launcher, Launcher x, launcher z, - even the internal treo launcher.

    I don't understand why people think they have to shell out $18 for power-run!

    In all cases - the app is actually copied to RAM, then run in RAM. I don't know how other apps clean up - but I think the standard is to delete the app, and leave databases, etc in RAM.
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    ZLauncher does a good job of moving both Apps AND their associated databases into RAM when you're running them, then moving them all back to the card when you're done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by confusedvorlon
    I don't understand why people think they have to shell out $18 for power-run!
    Hopefully we wont get into a running argument about this. There are many people that believe that ZLauncher has the ability to run ALL apps from the card; and it doesnt.

    Put AOL on an SD card, then try to run it.....I look forward to what you discover.

    PowerRun takes apps that will not run from the card and makes it possible. For some of us, it is a wise investment; others may think its a waste of money.

    The best part of it all though is that it wasnt your money that paid for it.

    (Dont take that last sentence personal ConVor......(your) is a generalized word.)
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    Thank you so much for all the great advice. It looks like the standard launcher takes care of most, but I will check out the others as well if they have trials

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