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    I have finally found the best solution to get my office mail onto my Treo. I use Mergic VPN to log on to the corporate server and then use Snappermail to fetch the new mail. I knew about this method for a while now but I never used it due to the need for too many steps. I just figured out how to setup Mergic to activate itself whenever i check my mail in Snapper, so now I seems like the perfect solution.

    Well, I have run into one pain. This method doesn't allow me to weed out certain messages from being downloaded. I actually could live with auto-deletion after downloading the message but I can't figure out how to do either. The main reason is because I work in a warehouse and our order entry system auto emails me when orders are placed. At work getting these messages aren't a big deal because I have outlook setup tp route these messages to separate folders. On my Treo I wind up with this huge list of emails in one day.

    So I am really hoping that a solid email program with good message filtering options exist out there somewhere. I would prefer to have the app look at who the email is from and not download it, but I will settle for auto-deleting mail from certain senders.

    Please help!!!
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    Not related to your question, but do you use mergicvpn to access a corp domain with ipsec? I cant seem to get it to work.


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