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    I made a mistake and had my phone in my pocket while at work, while angle grinding down some steel, despite being in my pocket and in the supplied protective case a shard or two of metal filings appear to have splattered the front by the speaker.. I used the phone and the speaker now crackles I can see a slight perforation in the material behind the speaker hole... So either the metal went through again and has perforated the speaker diaphram and/or being metal it has stuck to the speaker magnet..

    Does anyone know if there is a way for me to get at the speaker to clean the metal off?? or if it has damaged it to replace it???
    I am in the UK
    If i do open the case, do i loose all stored and should i hotsync before and after?

    Not had it long, not the worlds biggest problem, but annoying.
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    well i got bored and pulled it apart.
    easy to dissaseble... the speaker unit came out in one bit, i cleaned a few chunks of metal off the casing, put it all back together, but its not really significantly better,,, either the things allways crackled at high volume like that.. i dont think it has... or its damaged...

    Anyone know where i can get a replacement speaker(not loudspeaker) from?


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