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    Even though Treo presently represently less that 30% of Plmo revenues, Plmo's gross margins jumped dramatically last quarter to 30.5% . Plmo's supply chain management appears to have paid major dividends in lower the cost of many components and likely the assembly as wel. My estimate is that Treo's is generating gross margins in the vicinity of 38% presently, which means a significant price cut could take place and still have the Treo contributing meaningfully to profits.

    My guess is that they new price will retail at $399 and after rebate the price will be about $250. Lets be clear that I have no inside knowledge. I am simply speculating based on the fact that the product cost drops for the Treo 600 allow it to work at a lower price point and that Plmo has indicated they expect to offer several Treos for sale this fall. Interested in other speculation on this subject.
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    So what you're trying to do with that speculation is stop all TREO sales dead in their tracks til this fall when cheaper and better TREOs are expected to be introduced?
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    Actually I want to get opinions as to whether other agree or disagree that the Treo 600 will continue to exist even after the Treo 600 is released. It actually makes sense in terms of being able to use existing screen suppliers for the Treo 600 going forward plus leveraging whoever is supplying Plmo with the screens for the Zire 72.

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