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    Does anyone know if Verichat plans to create a version that will allow people NOT on your buddy list to IM you? This issue really bothers me.
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    This is the only reason I don't use the program. It makes it almost useless for my needs.
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    I don't understand. You want a version that would allow anybody that knew your address to just send you a message? That ain't the way any IM system that I am aware of works. With MS, Yahoo and Aim, they all make you acknowlege the user before you can start communicating.

    If you you want unsolicited chat, just use SMS.
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    verichat needs to take a look at the aol "aim" client. it allows you to put buddies on a list and those people can im you. however, those who know your address can also IM you - but a message will appear "asking your permission" for the IM to come through, as it were. AOL IM works that way. As did the IM client on the T-Mobile Sidekick I had before the Treo. I post my AIM screen name as a way for people to get in contact with me. There's no way I can put everyone who might want to get in touch with me on my buddy list. does that make more sense?

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