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    i'm looking for a cheap place to buy some plugs that fit in the treo's serial port.
    Ideally i would like to buy some that come with no wires attached, so that i can make what i want, but if anybody knows about a dirt cheap sync cable ... please let me know

    btw i'm currently residing in the UK, so local shops are preferred (don't fancy paying a lot of money to get a cheap object over the atlantic)

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    Pitbull - for the officially authorized serial connectors, you pretty much have to order them from the Handspring/PalmOne authorized source, ATLConnect. See their website at

    You can get the kits for a few bucks, but the problem is that I think there's a 65 dollar minimum order. Also, it'll take a while to get to you since they ship from Utah, though their site does say the company has a Dublin office (I don't know if they actually ship stuff from there though). You probably want the pro 33 wire-in connector, not the SMT connector for prototyping or messing around purposes.

    If you just need the 15-pin connector itself, apparently it's some kind of 15-pin connector commonly used with PCMCIA devices, so I bet you could find the connector itself (minus the mating hardware to hold it in place, cabling and so forth) elsewhere, but I don't know where. Lemme know if you find any other sources.

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