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    As the title suggests I have had a few problems where keys on the keyboard and one application key don't work intermitently (thank God I found out about RechoEcho on this board just before it started happening).

    I suspect that a bit of a clean may fix the problem, but am nervous about taking the back off/unscrewing bits. Is it easy to do yourself, or am I better off forking out the money to have it done professionally?

    The unit is not under warranty.


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    Try this first: purchase some 91% alcohol and a baby dropper for dispensing medicine. Hold the unit at an upright angle and tilt unit downward. Carefully drop one drop on the key that does not work. Wait about 10 seconds for the liquid to go into the keys and wiggle the key. (Repeat as needed)

    Worked for me when my keys started to malfunction due to a spill. The alcohol dissolves any residue that may be inhibiting its proper function.

    Good luck.
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    If you think that it is a hardware problem (keys really are jammed or stuck) then I suggest you need to send it in for repairs...fixing it yourself would void the warranty of the unit. Now, if it's a possible software problem then that would be easy....

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