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    Can't figure out yet what it is..

    Coincidently I was in Tampa on Business both times.... Also seemed like it occurred either plugging in or unplugging the car charger (Treo Branded)

    What happens is... The treo locks up and becomes unresponsive....So I soft boot it.. Then it immediately goes into the non stop start and restart... I then have to do a hard boot...

    THANK GOD FOR BACKUPMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the ONE GOT TO HAVE APP FOR ANY TREO!!!

    Anyway, I am running two apps that could be causing it... The latest Beta version on Snapper mail and the latest deluxe version of PTunes...

    The crash today happened when listening to streaming audio, Snapper was doing an automatic mail check and I pulled it off the car charger at the same time.

    Should I be able to do this???

    Seems that everytime I do a softboot during a hang and Ptunes was up but Stopped.. It comes back and says that Ptunes might be the cause...

    I realize the palm is supposed to only be able to run one app at a time.. But I really think there is crap running in the background when you switch to other apps....
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    I have had the same thing happen, but mine is related to the Network Search bug I think, still have not called sprint...
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