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    My orange treo 600 has been operating faultlessly for the two weeks I have had it. Suddenly, tonight, it throws a wobbly!

    Windows now complains of a malfuctioning USB device (my treo!).
    The phone won't start because there is "Not enough power to activate wireless mode".
    And to top it all off, it won't read SD cards anymore with "The handheld cannot recognise this card".

    The PDA side works fine, as does the camera, screen, keyboard and speaker.

    I don't suppose Palm will give me a warranty fix on it as I bought it on EBAY as new, but no invoices. Anyone help?

    I now have a treo 180 that resets at the slightest knock; a treo 270 that has the "z" and "y" in the wrong place (ok, I know it's an EU model); and now my 600 has failed me.

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    If Palm complains about the lack of an invoice, remind them that there's no way a phone that was first released in October of 2003 could be older than the warranty period! Maybe they'll take an eBay invoice (paypal payment transaction) as proof if they get picky.
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    sned it back
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    yep i think that you have to def get a replacment
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    Palm's UK maintenance team is saying that although there is a 1yr warranty on the phone (this is already a replacement phone), it is not transferrable to another party. They want 175 from me to replace it. The new phone is about a month old.

    Surely, if the fault is a manufacturing one, I should not have to pay anything?
    I would agree with them wholeheartedly if I had broken the phone and was looking for a replacement...

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    Thrown a what?? Could you enlighten us Yanks on where the phrase "thrown a wobbly" comes from? Is it a Cricket reference?
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    I don't know about the UK warranty, but I just looked up the warranty document on the US website. There is no mention of any restrictions on "transferring" the unit.
    No invoice? Call 'em back and tell them it was a gift if you were the first person to have service on it.
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    It has now been clarified - each time ANOVO give out a replacement phone, they give it a 1yr warranty. This is not transferrable to other parties. However, the original phones manufacturer 18 month warranty goes wherever the phone or its replacements go. Did that make sense. I don't really care as its back on for a warranty fix - and I get a new 1yr warranty on the new replacement from ANOVO.
    (Why people have to make it so complicated I don't know!)

    Oh, and

    "throw a wobbly" means to become extremely angry and upset:
    - My parents threw a wobbly when they found out I'd had a party while they were away.
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    wobbler.... i heard that term on "the Osbournes" kelly is wobbler! lol too funny.

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