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    Now that the bribe is up to nearly $4000.00, I am wondering if any enterprising developer there is actually working on this, or is it all just a pipe dream.

    I know, I can't go until Christmas without shaking my presents, I can't wait the nine months without looking at the ultrasound to find out if it is a girl or a boy, and i can't wait until the end of this project to find out whether or not anybody has been working on this.

    We don't need status updates, or a blow by blow, but if someone is working on this, we would all like to know, and will all send positive thoughts and good cheer your way.
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    good question is there anybody out there doing this?
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    Yes I got an email today from one developer who is in the beginning stages of it... I have invited him to post on the boards, but he may not want to reveal himself until he has a more sure idea of what's going on. Currently he is wiating for developer approval from Toshiba.
    -Michael Ducker
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    that's excellent. he is sure to have immediate business once he releases it! fantastic!
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    Any news on this guy?
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    -Michael Ducker
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    Any word on other BT projects?
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    sigh...... i guess.. it was a dream.... i guess it must be harder than we thought to do it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by wongster
    sigh...... i guess.. it was a dream.... i guess it must be harder than we thought to do it...
    We can invent lightbulbs that last 50 years, we make electricity from water and sunlight, but no one can write a BT driver?

    Evolution is a dissapointment....
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    ^its ur fault thats why
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    ^its ur fault thats why
    I'm used to it....

    Dissapointment is the nickname my girlfriends uses for me....

    But seriuosly: is anyone working on a driver?

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