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i use it, and other than it not handling the 4-way directional button, and not clearing the previously entered text after sending a message, it works just fine. i don't know where you got your information.
They have gotten their information from reading previous posts on this and other treo and VISOR related forums. I have been using handspring products since the first Visors came out and happily jumped on the AOL AIM client bandwagon.

I am also one of those who got looping resets. With several different models of Visors and Treos. With several different versions of the free AOL AIM client. With several different Palm OS's. So... now you have read it from the horse's mouth (or whatever).

If you are relying on a piece of software for communications, and do not want to worry about backing up from bare nothing, get something other than AOL's client. You will have to pay, but it will save you time and aggro in the long run.

P.S. If you still disbelieve me, look at my posts count and my join date... please.