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    This is just the strangest thing I've ever seen. I'm on Sprint PCS, and if I initiate a new SMS message (not replying to an existing thread) then my text messages are 95% of the time never received. They are not received by other sprint users, or users of other carriers.

    No on the other hand, if someone else sends me a text message, and I reply in the chat window, they then get my SMS. I've deleted a lot of apps and that hasn't helped.

    When I create a new SMS message and send it it says message sent like everything is ok... so bizarre.

    Maybe I should to a clean install. Can't remember how to to a hard reset on my Treo at the moment

    Any thoughts would be appreciated
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    Are you using the OE SMS app, or the one that PDAapps built? If it's the OE one, it will work w/o a vision connection. The PDAapps one, requires a Vision connection. Which one are you using? I assume the OE one?
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    I'm just using the SMS that comes with the phone, I don't use the PDA apps. Thist started hjappening about 2 weeks ago in Salt Lake, and I can't figure it out for the life of me. I have the 1.20 update.
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    try a hard reset and before you put your stuff back on try it the and if it works you know its something you have got (hard reset=pin in reset hole and finger on up button until palm logo comes up the release and press up again to erase all data
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    superjimbo, did you ever figure this out? i have the same issue.
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    Ah, so I'm not the only one having trouble with text messages. I am a T-Mobile subscriber, and about two months ago, after a total signal outage in my hometown, my Treo 600 started having trouble sending and receiving SMS messages. Here's what I've found:

    1) Long messages of over 160 characters in length are almost certain to be delayed by 2 to 4 hours or not received at all (both directions--sending and receiving).

    2) Short messages of under 160 characters in length are often delayed by 5 minutes, occasionally up to 2 to 4 hours. Some messages are never delivered.

    3) This problem appears to be happening with just my phone (or maybe just in my hometown). My girlfriend also has a Treo 600, and she is able to send and receive SMS just fine with her friends, some of who are on T-Mobile, Cingular or Verizon. I experience the delays/dropped messages while communicating with almost any phone or carrier.

    4) When I took my SIM card and inserted it in a Nokia 8890, almost all messages were received immediately (within one to two seconds). However, the 8890 is not capable of sending messages of over 160 characters in length.

    Now, the reason I'm writing is that several major miscommunications have occurred because of the message drops and delays, including a missed text that cost me $200. I have been calling T-Mobile tech support, and they cannot find anything wrong with their network. It is starting to look like it's my phone that's having trouble, and on top of that, it may be because of the firmware upgrade (the official T-Mobile 3.05 upgrade) that I did two weeks prior to the occurrence of delays in my SMS messages.

    Is anyone else experiencing slow/dropped SMS messages, and what are your experiences like? If anyone has suggestions on how I can fix this terrible problem, please let me know! Thanks!
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    I live in the Caribbean and have never been able to send SMS on my Treo600.
    Not the first unit or the one that I have now.
    I can receive, but can't send.
    I feel like a broken record now...I have found no solution to this problem as of yet
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    if you use GSM Treo, please search p1 knowledgebase using SMS and problem as keywords, there are two files that you have to download - it solved my SMS problem, hope it would help you too.

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    I too have the same problem. Can reply, but not initiate from SprintPCS to

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorozhbyt

    if you use GSM Treo, please search p1 knowledgebase using SMS and problem as keywords, there are two files that you have to download - it solved my SMS problem, hope it would help you too.

    Already tried that fix. You're talking about the Network Profile and Carrier Profile databases, I presume? (This fix may help other Treo 600 users, though it did not help me, but my problem is not the same as described in the release notes that accompanied the fix.)

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