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    Well, all of a sudden on Friday my Treo started acted a little funny. Any time I would dial out it would soft reset. I hadn't installed anything new but who knows? I did a hard reset and installed everything from scratch. Everything now works but the internet.

    When open up the web browser it just sits on the screen and won't do anything. When I open up Preferences -> Network and press Connect I get the error "An Error Occurred Opening up the Network Connection". The sprint Tech Support guy on the phone had me go through and reset everything and now I'm in Network and stuck in provisioning. I go to connect, I get the error and then it want' me to connect to get out of provisioning. Of course It doesn't work.

    Any suggestions? I'm at FW 1.20


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    That happened to me. After the "big upgrade", I did a hard reset shortly thereafter, and lost my internet just as you described. Tech support over the phone was unable to reprovision, so they said I needed to take it to a sprint store to get it done there. Well, they were also unable to get it reprovisioned. Bottom line? New phone. Well, refurbished, anyway. Hope you have better luck!
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    I figured that might be the result. I was hoping it wasn't.


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