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    Has anyone installed the THB Treo Hardwired Car Kit yet?

    Also, anyone in LA know a good place to have an installation done at a reasonable price on a BMW X5 and a Mercedes SL 500?

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    chirp... chirp...

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    Yes, I installed it myself when they 1st came out - I did so because I felt the install charges were exorbitant for what had to be done. Probably the hardest thing you would have to do is hook the mute wire up to your radio (if your radio has mute abilities), and even that is just a matter of splicing in the yellow wire from the THB to the yellow wire on your radio. There are a variety of mounts on the market you can use for the THB/Treo... You can find some on the THB website. My Carrier is TMobile and the unit works without a hitch and is worth every penny you pay for it! There are still problems with the THB for Sprint which Palm One is supposedly working on.

    Hope that answers your question.
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    Yes - thanks. The Store here at Treo Central says they're out of stock. Anyone know when they're getting more in?
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    Slick50, you can order one from Dan's Cellular Accessories on eBay. It took about a week for mine to arrive, but you can't find a better price.
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