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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveFehr
    But despite being inferior in darn near every category, the simplicity of the Palm makes it just so damned good at being an organizer!

    Wait a sec... now that you mention it, that *does* describe why there are an inordinate amount of Mac users on these boards....
    yeah that would explain the enormous 3.5% marketshare. Or maybe you would like to explain the rapidly dwindling POS marketshare too? last count it stands at 43%, falling fown from some 95% only several years ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeldomVisitor
    I know this is silly but does anyone have any links to anywhere where there is discussion of the TREO "Ace" that isn't indirectly based in its entirety on the single Powerpoint slide we've all seen?

    From what I've seen - and I may have seen them all! - every article either cites another site's article(s) or cite's that slide.
    In my view, the slide provided nothing but confirmation of the most logical and almost certain follow-on Treo model. Even without this slide, I would have been simply shocked if a new model didn't come out this fall or at most by Christmass time. The most likely additions were improved display resolution and color and BlueTooth. I wouldn't have picked WiFi as a feature in the first follow-on to the 600 because it's harder to implement in combination with cellular wireless.
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    Certainly it looks like that slide tried to push about every button everyone has ever wanted pushed! - can't argue with that!

    But that wasn't what my post addressed - I just want something more than fond wishes as an info source...
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