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    Quote Originally Posted by Slick50
    Thanks for all the responses. For those that replied to WHY you use Snapper Mail, I don't care. Sorry to be blunt, but I know the advantages of it! I'm pointing out two simple problems that make it so many cannot enjoy those advantages because of these problems. I will not deploy Snappermail in my company because of them and know of two IT guys in two other companies that concur. If they could fix these TWO things, it would solve it and then we could enjoy all the reasons you use snappermail as well!
    Recommendation: don't buy it... don't use it.
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    I do understand people being upset at someone like me saying they like SnapperMail, since it does have some problems.

    But I have to ask them: What other email program is better?

    (One extra feature I need in my mail program that others don't seem to care about is SSL support, so that rules out a number of email programs.)

    So far the email which comes with the Treo 600 is very buggy.

    Chatter I have tried and was causing my Treo 600 to crash so much I could hardly use it. The UI isn't that good, and it doesn't do multiple sending profiles. And there are other problems including attachments. It does background IMAP that is true, but for me that is not worth it. That was a few beta releases ago, but it is easier to put up with foreground email checking than to keep testing each beta of Chatter.

    And previously I have tried Eudora Mail, Iambic, etc., but none seem to work well.

    I actually bought SnapperMail when it was much clearer that it was the best for me. But even now there isn't anything else to switch to. Actually I am using the 1.95 version and don't plan on going to 2.0.

    People like me are only trying to give everyone all of the pros and cons on something like SnapperMail, but I would never say "buy it" or "don't buy it". It may not be the best for someone else.

    Well, I wish there was a clear winner, but I haven't seen it yet...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwo
    snappermail is much better, not only can you delete spam email off the server, but snappermail will check multiple accounts at once. the hs app will not do this.

    not exactly, Snapper has to check each account sequentially. This can take some time if you use IMAP...
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    I registered SM a few months ago, and while I do like it, I could never quite understand what the fuss was all about. I much prefer the cleaner UI of HS Mail and the ability to send picture attachments from RAM and actually view them in the picture view mode, not just their filenames, before attaching them. But I did want a zip utility, and since Snapperfish was throwing in HandZipper Lite, I thought there was enough added value.

    The main thing I like about SM is the ability to read HTML messages inline. Unfortunately I know a few people who use Hotmail, and when I get Hotmail messages in HS Mail, it comes in as an attachment which opens in Blazer, forcing me to quit Blazer and reopen Mail to get to the next message or file/delete/reply to the current one. This one issue made me give SM a second look.

    I agree with Slick that Snapper's autofetch is too obtrusive. My internet connection would continually break using Wireless Modem unless I had a continuous download running in the background; then one day I thought, "Hmm, I wonder if SM's autofetch is highjacking my connection?" So I disabled the autofetch and now use Wireless Modem with (relatively) no problems. Now I fetch manually.

    I worked out a decent compromise for a while, which was to use both clients for their strengths. I would autofetch and read most of my messages in Mail while deleting Hotmail messages, leaving them on the server; then read Hotmail messages in Snapper, deleting them from the server.

    But since the "upgrade" of Treo 1.20 I can't even use Mail. If I file a message, delete a message, archive a message, select another folder or try to add an attachment, the phone resets. So now I have to use 100% SnapperMail.

    My dream mail client would be one with the UI of HS Mail, multiple folders, IMAP support, inline HTML viewing and message deletion on the server.
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    gecko - Chatter does do multiple sending profiles. And the next build should solve most of the stability issues. FYI.

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    wwo - Chatter actually does work on multiple IMAP folders simultaneously...

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    I haven't really tried Chatter, so I express no opinion on that program.

    I have used Snappermail for quite a while now, and am very happy with it. It meets my POP mail needs very well. I get A LOT of email every day, including html messages, .tiff faxes, Word documents, etc., and Snappermail handles it all very well. Yes, Snappermail cost me money, and I later spent more money upgrading. However, my increase in productivity has been worth the cost to me.

    Other that the "junk" button permanently deleting the emails immediately (so I need to be careful about accidentally junking messages), I really have no complaints.
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